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Tasty Park goes digital!

We have teamed up with Eatster to bring our customers better comfort in ordering and give to our employees...

How does the Eatster kiosk help you during the day-to-day running?

During the pandemic, we focused mainly on optimizing processes for delivery companies. However, people are increasingly returning to the branch and we have decided to continue the optimization. We have teamed up with Easter to bring our customers better ordering comfort and help our employees in their everyday work. Now they stay mainly in the kitchen, where they handle orders from delivery services as well as orders received through a kiosk at the branch. If a customer speaks only English or wants to pay in cash – Eatster will provide it all as well.

Eatster kiosk can serve to any customer

Managing the rush of guests and orders can be stressful. How does Eatster kiosk help your employees?

Some of our permanent customers already know that they can click their food in advance through the Eatster app, others will use the kiosk and we mainly focus on the quality and quick preparation of orders. Thanks to this, we are able to serve more people at the same time and also relieve employees from communicating with the customer.

Order calling system manages pickups


Example of the Tasty Park menu in kiosk

How does the kiosk help in upselling and cross-selling?

At Easter app, we can set precisely what the application should ask the customer for each selected item. Thanks to this, we noticed an increase in orders with additional items or extra ingredients compared to classic orders at the cashier.

How do your customers react to the Eatster kiosk?

They are surprised that they can also use such technologies in our country, as they have been accustomed to using them mainly abroad in the world`s largest fast food chains. They appreciate, for example, the easy operation or the fast speed of the kiosk.


The customer can track the order status in her phone

What would you recommend to colleagues from the horeca industry who are considering to cooperate with Eatster?

We certainly highly recommend it because it is an innovative device that will completely change your processes in operation.

Happy customers are the priority at Tasty Park

Barbora Balaščáková

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