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Enjoy more time with your friends in Tabacka

Tabacka is the largest independent cultural center in Slovakia operating on area of 2500m2 with gastro zone

The space in Tabacka is interestingly divided, where you can find several bars, rooms, courtyards, and many other areas where customers hang out every day. In 2021, they started to look for a solution to serve their customers and, at the same time, bring the offer closer to them, so they don`t waste time ordering at the bar, but can spend more time with their friends. 

F&B manager of Tabacka Kulturfabrik - Radomir Revilak

During the pandemic, many things have changes in the horeca industry. A lot of high-quality people left it, so we decided to change the system to a self-service one, to which the offer was adapted. Customers got used to online orderings of foods and beverages, so they avoid waiting in line and , at the same time, they shorten the time they have to wait for an order. Are you interested in how we digitized and modernized Tabacka? You can find out in an interview with Radomir, F&B manager of Tabacka.

Which products from Eatster do you currently use in Tabačka?

We use QR codes on the tables, a digital menu on the website, and also there is an application for pre-orders.

Scanning a QR code on the table

How does Eatster help you during the day-to-day running of your business?

Eatster mainly helps by taking the burden off bar and restaurant staff. He is a member of the team who always presents the basic menu of dishes and always suggests a side dish or products intended for upsell. Thanks to him, we can reach every single customer at the table. We can count on the fact that every order through Eatster ends with payment and delivery of food. It is a service replacement that is more than reliable.

Interior in Tabacka

What advantages do you or your customers perceive since you have started to use Eatster QR codes/apps?

I see the main advantages in two areas. The first is the management of the entire menu, because we can effectively manage it from one place and also enable or disable a specific dish from the menu. The whole thing can be operated from one place via the kitchen display. Our offer is thus always up-to-date, whether in the application or in the integrated menu on the website. I also appreciate that the menu is not only in Slovak, but also in English, as we have many foreign customers.

With a QR code, you can order quickly and without waiting directly from the table

Let's take a closer look at the integrated Eatster menu on the website. How does it works?

Thanks to the integrated menu, people can view the current offer on our website, choose from it and order. They also have a choice whether to enjoy the food with us or take it away. We will prepare their food at a predetermined time, so our customers do not have to wait for their order after arriving at Tabačka.

The integrated Eatster menu on the website

What would your recommend to your colleagues from horeca industry, who are also interested in Earster products?

Definitely not to be afraid of new technologies. Eatster is a very good tool that, in this time when it is difficult to find quality people to serve,it will give you the certainty that it will work and communicate with customers exactly as you set it by yourself. However, do not underestimate personal communication with the customers, good preparation and education as part of the modernization, so that customers are not afraid to use this application and thus they can use every minute in your restaurant for more pleasant things, such as waiting in line.


Tabacka`s outdoor yard.

Tabačka is one of the businesses that have shown that the comfort and time saving of customers is their top priority. However, it is not only the customers who benefit from the Eatster app, but also the business itself, which, as it turned out, save effort in finding quality staff. Do you dare to guess which operation with a similar mindset we will approach next time?

Barbora Balaščáková

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