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How to try Eatster for free?

We will show you how to try Eatster products without any commitments or payments.

What can I try for free?

In this article we will walk you through our entire product lineup so you can try everything we offer (except Kitchen displays) without any commitments. In order to successfully log into our kiosk you will need credentials, those you can request by sending us email to

Keep in mind you will have only “read-only” rights, that means no payments are allowed for test only purposes in any of our platforms.

For special access with an ability to create payments, access to kitchen displays and more, send us a request to

Kiosk (incl. TV order calling system)

Before you start, make sure you have following hardware:

  • Android (OS 7.1 or higher) tablet with at least 10” screen size
  • Smart TV or desktop monitor - optional

First, open Google Play store and search for “Eatster kiosk” app. Once you install it, log in with the credentials provided. We have provided you two credentials - one for kiosk with multiple brands to choose from, second with a single brand only - feel free to try them both.

Screenshot of Google Play Store search result for Eatster Kiosk

You can also access the kiosk menu by tapping rapidly into the top left corner until the settings screen appears. There you can try different settings, especially in the “Local kiosk settings” section.

After certain inactivity you will see custom images circling until canceled by touch.

Additionally, you can type this URL into your browser on TV or monitor to see the order calling system:

QR codes

Before you start, make sure you have following hardware:

  • Android or iOS smartphone with camera

Scan this QR code with your built-in camera or using a 3rd party QR code scanner app.

QR code that you can try to scan with your phone's camera

If your Android OS is 5.0 or higher / iOS 14 or higher you should see an Instant App or App clip popup. These are our “instant native apps” which means users get an experience of our app without the necessity of installing it from the App store / Google Play store. If your device is older, you can still use our web version.

Preview of the App Clip and Instant App

Mobile Apps

Before you start, make sure you have following hardware:

  • Android or iOS smartphone

Now, when you already saw a sneak peak of what our apps can do, you can download the full version of them by typing Eatster into the App store / Google play store search bar. 

App Store search result for Eatster app

When successfully installed, simply create your own account. You will have to manually change your location to see restaurants, try to type “Kosice, Slovakia”. Now you can see the list of restaurants, you can browse their menus, see their loyalty programs, sales and more. Be aware that everything you see is real data so don’t make any order unless you want to actually order food from that restaurant.

Follow the red rectangles

Did you like what you saw? Drop us a message and your restaurant can enjoy the same benefits as hundreds of others already do.

Vladimir Elias
CEO & Founder of Eatster

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