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Eatster presents CASHLESS festivals!

During festivals which take several days we wait on average 5-7h, this is how we want to change it!

Eatster saves time for customers and horeca establishments throughout the whole Slovakia literally every day. It is, therefore, natural that it has also found its place at popular summer festivals, where every minute is an experience and, in the case of entrepreneurs, profit.

Let`s look at it from the visitor`s point of view. The main goal of a young person who chooses to spend a weekend with his friends is to experience a good piece of festival entertainment. However, before the festival, he has no idea about what kinds of foods the establishments will offer. Upon arrival, he will go to the “tour de gastro” to get acquainted with the offer, and just after walking a few kilometres he gets familiar with the offer and how long he will be waiting in each place.  

The process of waiting begins with waiting for the order itself and continues with waiting for the desired shout of the number matching the order ticket. If we count on at least 15 minutes of selection, 15 minutes of waiting in line and another 15 minutes of waiting for food, in the end, this young man who just wanted to have fun with his friends spends 45 minutes only for food. If we count on 3 melas during the day, it`s 135 minutes and at a three-day festival it`s almost 7 hours. Yes, you read that right, 7 hours of waiting is still a reality in the 21st century. 

On the other side the situation is not better. The owners of the food trucks will pay a lot of money to be able to participate in the festival. However, they usually do not crowd more than a two-member team, one of which is busy accepting and processing orders. At the end of the day, in the cramped space of the food truck, the nervousness resulting from the capacity constraints of the staff, who is spending a lot of time just to process the orders, escalates.

Are you wondering if there is a solution to this controlled chaos?

It would be a devil if isn`t. The organizers, who are not indifferent to the running of the festival, have already found out that the answer is just one word – Eatster. With Eatster the festival looks completely different as it used to. It starts the era of cashless festivals, festivals where you don`t need a single euro in your pocket after crossing the gates. Are you wondering how such a cashless festival looks like?

Eatster app at a music festival

Before I come as a visitor, I see a list of restaurants on the website or in the festival`s app along with links to their digital menu and information that I can easily order via the Eatster app. During the festival, I follow the current offer directly through the app, I see my distance from selected tents, I compare prices and the waiting time and also, I choose with the possibility of comparing all the mentioned factors. I will place my order directly from the place where I am currently located, whether it is a tent, a concert, or a beer with friends. A notification will notify me that the order is ready, and I will take my order based on the unique number from the app. It`s easy, quick and I don`t have to wait a lot. If I don`t have a mobile phone, I will handle the whole process through kiosks, The only difference is that in this case I track my order in the calling system.

Order food faster and more conveniently thanks to Eatster kiosks

On the contrary, if I am one of the food truck operators, thanks to Eatster, I am sure that the whole staff can prepare the foods, instead of receiving the orders and shouting out the numbers, It will ensure 100% the production efficiency. We can translate this with a hypothetical dictionary as one such increase in the number of portions sold. At the end of the day, I make a sale and effectively get rid of everything I don't want to sell the next day. All visitors will learn about this event, which is beneficial for both parties, through a notification that comes to them in the app.

Modernization that will entertain employees and customers

From our experience, we can say that orders through the application tend to be 15-20% larger, because people have time to think about their choice and they are not stressed by the line that is created behind them. Another unforgettable advantage is the absence of notebooks, papers with numbers, and other unnecessary things that are time consuming for the staff. If you're used to big commissions, you'll be pleased to hear that Eatster only works on a one-time fee, no matter what your festival profit is.

Reliable, modern, unmissable

However, we also did not forget about people refusing to order via mobile phone or kiosk.

The so-called TV menuboards are available for them, on which the items that are available at that time are gradually displayed in Slovak and English languages. This will save your time with unnecessary questions, such as: Do you have this food? Is there an onion in it?.... you know that 😊 

Menus on TV screens – bilingual, automatic, and always updated

So, will these benefits make you think about how this year will look like? Give your festival a higher level of comfort for all parties involved and rely on the solutions we bring to you. Enter the new era of cashless festivals with Eatster with us and contact us here! 😊

Barbora Balaščáková

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