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A bistro with an authentic name Dokelu offers its customers a crunchy menu of fresh salads

A bistro with an authentic name Dokelu offers its customers a crunchy menu of fresh salads, the world’s most famous dishes and increasingly popular bowls. The co-owner Rastislav Klembar came up with the idea of satisfying busy customers with a quick and healthy lunch during the period when he himself belonged to that group of people. Today he heads a successful company, manages a team of eight people, and guarantees fresh and delicious mixes of vegetables, fruits, pastas and meats, all quickly and healthy. And since our Eatster app, as always, is responsible for speed, we asked the co-owner Rastislav how he perceives its work.

Rastislav Klembara, the co-owner of Dokelu Šalatéria bistro

What motivated you to cooperate with the application, or how did the application appeal to you?

By the number of orders coming from our system, it was clear to me that pick up points work, since people are interested in a quick order via a mobile phone and its further pickup. So, I wanted to expand my customer group and to include the clients of Eatster app in it.

How does Eatster affect the daily work of your business?

Pick up points and orders for a specific time make the work of the staff as efficient as possible, since you know in advance what meals you will be preparing at a given time. There are two people at each shift who prepare only online orders. They are not disturbed by customers, they are not bothered with anything, and they know how to determine the capacity of the kitchen in advance. We also save our time by allowing our customers to pay not directly at the spot, but in advance using the app. Thanks to this, we are able to better organize our team, and to prevent mistakes in orders.


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What features do you use the most?

In Dokelu we use mobile applications with the help of which our customers order food to go. This is connected to fidelity program, in which we set up a system of rewarding our customers for a certain number of points with a free drink. The Happy Hours function has also proved its worth, since customers learn about novelties or sales much earlier as they receive notification right in the application.


How do your customers react to Eatster?

Based on repeated orders through the application and fidelity system, we conclude that they are satisfied with it. Satisfaction is also on the part of our employees who praise the easy operation of the application; we have recorded up to 30%-time savings on a single order.

Especially during rush hours Dokelu Šalatéria can get very crowded


What would you recommend to your colleagues from hospitality businesses, who are considering the Eatster app?

I definitely recommend as the ratio of price and quality is more than beneficial, and business digitalization should be a high priority to restaurant owners.

Bistro Dokelu, as well as many of our other partners, is an example of how an application Eatster can streamline business processes, speed up ordering and delivery of food, and thereby contribute to the smooth running of Your business. Join us and take Your business to a new digital level!

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