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Lines of people go digital

Optimize people costs, make ordering faster and more comfortable today

Happier customers means more revenue

Kiosks are serving more people, they are reliable, multilingual and always up-selling


More orders


Higher orders

1.5 minute

Saved per customer

Some benefits of our Kiosk

Order faster

The only lines in your store will be the ones on our  TV order calling system

Reliable means less worry for you

Kiosk will never call sick, go on holiday or change job

Cook more

Taking orders takes time, focus on the cooking instead

Add fries?

You decide how the kiosk up-sells

Hello, Bonjour, Hola

Take orders in all the languages

Which one suites you the best?

Interior 32"

Kiosk with external printer & payment terminal. Standalone, wall mounted or custom versions available.
From 1.399€

Exterior 32"

Water and dustproof kiosks for outdoor use. Standalone, wall mounted or custom versions available.
From 2.999€

Exterior 10" All in one

Want to start small first? Our portable kiosk has payment terminal included in it's body thanks to NFC reader.
From 500€

Choose terminal that suits you best

Economic? With built in printer? Or exterior version?We got you covered!

Combine it with our order tracking system

No more paper tickets. Order numbers on your TV - that simple.

Power your place with Eatster tech today

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Where can you find us?

Eatster is being used in more than 100 locations in Slovakia.