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Vietnamese concept NhaBe is conquering Slovakia

Another story of our successful collaboration, this time with NhaBe in the cities Martin and Banská Bystrica

Why did you decide to collaborate with Eatster?

We are still working to make the processes in our bistro as efficient as possible. Therefore, as a result, a hungry customer can order food as easily as possible and receive it as quickly as possible. Eatster is a great innovative platform that strives for exactly these goals. As soon as we heard about Eatster, we knew we wanted to go for it. It naturally fits into the concept of our bistro.

The owner of NhaBe bistro standing next to the Eatster kiosk with custom industrial design

Which Eatster products do you use?

We have decided for Eatster digital cashiers a.k.a. self-service kiosks, digital waiters - QR stickers on tables and mobile applications for pre-orders. It's great that we could also customize the visuals of the ordering system and QR code stickers. We added our logo and colors so it fit in nicely with our visual identity.

Preview of the NhaBe's menu in Eatster kiosk

How does the integration work with your current POS provider?

In the beginning, some updates had to be made to our Resinos POS to transfer Eatster orders directly to our displays. After a few iterations of testing, everything started to work as it should.

What did customers say about the changes?

Customers enjoy the new way of ordering and we received a lots of positive feedback. The main benefit is they can also see photos of our dishes in Eatster (we don't have them in the paper menu) and that they can order quickly. We are pleasantly surprised when we see that even the older generation +50 is ordering via kiosk. No hate and prejudice :D it's just not as obvious as it is among young people.

QR codes on the tables are enriched with amusing graphics to gain attention of the customers

And what about your staff?

Our staff is young and uses technology to simplify their work and life quite naturally, so they had no objections. They understood the new ordering flow and the functioning of the kiosk right away.

What were the beginnings of the collaboration?

At the beginning, we placed the kiosk near the door. We immediately understood that it will not work like this. The customer must have it in sight and it has to stand in the way to the cashier. We moved the kiosk between the door and the cash register, and orders immediately increased. On our social networks, we mainly communicate the benefits of ordering via kiosk or QR codes in the form of videos. We want people to see how easy ordering is and what they can get out of it. We are now about to launch happy hours and in the future we would also like to use an online loyalty system.

Kiosk is now located right in the entrance to NhaBe Bistro

Were you afraid about anything before the launch?

We were not afraid of anything. We had realistic expectations. We knew it wouldn't be enough to turn on a kiosk, put a sticker with QR codes on the tables, and people would immediately forget about the old ways of ordering. We were expecting that teaching people to use something new, in other words to change their behavior that has been there for years, would also require our efforts. That's why we observed, brainstormed and tested a lot. And this a continues process that is still happening until now.

Budget friendly "All-in-one" variant of the kiosk in Banská Bystrica - kiosk and payment terminal in one device

If you were to open a new branch, would you change anything?

We would open self-service only bistro. This means that instead of a cashier, there would be kiosks, QR codes on the tables, and the customers would order by themselves. Of course, they would have staff to help them or give them advise if needed. However, our employees could spend most of their time to work in the kitchen. This would make us more efficient and optimize the costs. We are thinking about this idea quite a lot and we might launch it this way in our two bistros.

Barbora Balaščáková

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