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Your All-in-one POS system

Enter & receive orders from all the platforms, update menu, see the statistics and more - all on a single device.

Some benefits of our POS System

No installation & on-boarding necessary

All your staff has to do is login and follow the POS instructions

Receive orders

All orders from kiosks, apps, QR codes coming
to single tablet

Track your orders from multiple places

Place the device into your kitchen, counter or even to the delivery car

Connect to external printers

Print receipt automatically when the order arrives

Manage your own data

Edit your menu, check the statistics, communicate with your subscribers and more...
Kitchen display on the wall

Integrations thatmake your life easier

Receive orders or manage your menu the way you are used to on your existing POS.

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Eatster is being used in more than 100 locations in Slovakia.